Live Centres are also popularly called as Revolving Centres or Ball Bearing Centres. This is an accessory of Machine Tool. Live Centres are mainly used on Turning Machines like CNC Turning Center or Center Lathe. Those are also used on Grinding Machines, Gear Hobbing Machines, Gear Honing Machines, along with Index Table, etc.

PRASHTECH Live Centres are primarily designed for turning applications. But our few customers are using it for other applications using their own judgment.

Exact work of a Live Centre is to provide precise, continuous, rotating support to a component which is mainly held in chuck during turning operations. Hence aim of the user is always to get a Centre which does not add its own Run-out to the component it is going to support, which does not stop even momentarily during rotations, which does not bodily deflect while taking loads and which has bearing arrangement that can last maximum RPM of the program cycle.

The crux of design of PRASHTECH Live Centres is to meet these demands of customers.

Live Centre directly fits into a taper hole in Tail-stock with its Taper shank. Taper shank sizes are like MT3, MT4, MT5, and MT6. Turning Center manufacturer decides size of taper hole considering cutting power of machine. It is suggested to avoid use of Reduction Sleeves.

PRASHTECH celebrated Silver Jubilee Year in 2021-22

It has been steady & encouraging journey since inception of business in the year 1996-97. We, Prabodh Veerkar & Shekhar Mhapsekar, had dreamed about starting own Engineering Businesses way back during our graduation days in COEP.

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