Information on the Covid-19 situation

The health and safety of our employees are always our highest priority. Beyond the company, we also consider it our duty to act responsibly and to do our part to protect society.

Prashtech is continuously monitoring all aspects of the Covid-19 situation, evaluating all new developments and taking measures to protect its employees. The economic consequences of Covid-19 will obviously impact Prashtech. Nevertheless, it’s not yet possible to ascertain the business consequences at this time.

We’re doing everything we can to maintain operations at our production plant as well as our service to continue to support our customers and all stakeholders as far as possible. This is particularly important in areas in which, together with customers, we provide products and services for vital infrastructure. As we do this, the health and safety of our employees and our partners are always a top priority. And we are, of course, cooperating closely with the relevant public authorities and works councils.

Ever since the Covid-19 outbreak began, Prashtech has been continuously implementing timely measures to protect its employees and its partners, and the company will continue to do so rigorously.

Selected measures already implemented
  • Hygiene
    We make our employees aware of the need for social distancing and inform them about precautions and hygiene measures. 
  • Travel
    There is travel ban at Prashtech until 30th June. We have advised our employees to refrain from trips that aren’t absolutely necessary. Personal meetings should be replaced by conference calls or similar options 
  • Mobile work
    Whenever possible, Prashtech employees are to work from home until further notice. 
  • Production
    Prashtech has established processes for ensuring the continuity of manufacturing operations to the greatest possible extent. To ensure that our employees are protected, we’re working together with our works councils to do everything we can to implement the recommendations made by national and local govt. body.

PRASHTECH celebrated Silver Jubilee Year in 2021-22

It has been steady & encouraging journey since inception of business in the year 1996-97. We, Prabodh Veerkar & Shekhar Mhapsekar, had dreamed about starting own Engineering Businesses way back during our graduation days in COEP.

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